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Thank's for visiting our homepage.

      The BRADICICH KORPS Company import, export, wholesale and sell directly to collectors and modeler's working on the NET and exibiting in some italian and european fairs .

We are an Italian Company selling now, on many European Country's.

Our business are involved in model kit, we work in 3 different model kit main fields, as:

    1. Traditional plastic model kit's military and not;

    2. Running model trains (north american prototype only) N HO G scale for now; and the main last one, Most Important for USA and Canadian train modelers, we do not usually trade italian made trains, but, we're evaluating if export 'em, so, you're much than free (= very welcomed) to e-mail us, short/long writing your interest for italian made trains detailing scale's, manufacturer's (if know) and how big it's your interest in this items, we answer you asap, and we dial about prices and availlability, if we (us and you) find that the export of this items have interesting prices for you and interesting business for us, we start immediately to supply you, dear italian model train fan, with all you need from this Country, thank'you !

    3. 3F, as comic (US and Japaneese) movie and erotic model's, so we got many robot's, vehicles, and figures in plastic, soft vynil and or resin. We resell a lot of gadget's, action figure's, puzzle's, trading cards related with the manga / anime world, you find this kind of items in the following price list's cliking him on the homepage or going on the pricelist page: Banpresto (a/f, keyring, static figures, more), Puzzles, ARII Macross (Robotech a/f), Gadgets (cars, few paper items, other things).

We exhibit our product's in to some FAIRS (link), more in Italy and few outside the border, so, you can visit our boot and see the real kit's with your eyes, in the page FAIRS you can see the report of past 3 italian fairs and the preview of next 3 italian fairs, a nice idea to come visit our nice Country!

If you like to be e-mailed to know when we come to exhibit in a fair in your Country (or, anyway, outside our border & near your), please. E-mail us asking to be joined to this service; we e-mail you anytime we go in your land! 

On the 'pricelist' of our site you see or discharge our pricelists that was monthly or weekly renewed with add-ons of new or again available one's, cutting too the items we've currently sell out.

We're looking to renew the pricelist's sooner to give you the right idea about what are really available each time you visit us; pls know that.

  • Items on pricelist are availables.
  • The new one's are put in evidence with a bold character on code and description.
  • The items that are available on few pcs have italics (cursive) character.
  • Items not in the pricelist are out of stock; you maybe know that the producer X make the kit Y, buy you can't find on our pricelist, so, this was not available at present moment, if you need 'em, you will make us a e-mail asking him, receiving some a-mails about a certain item we go to import 'em and for the mutual satisfaction.

The prices you can find on our pricelist are in italian Lire and in the currency, all prices are retail prices, we hope that people living in the CEE / EC Country's easy change it in his currency, everybody outside maybe recognize easy the change vs that vs italian Lira, the Lira/ currency exchange, do not change since was fixed from european bank autority.

We are happy to work with retailers and local wholesaler who contact us, we hope you fax us (Italy 0144 350021) or e-mail us all your Firm data's, writing us your interest for our 3 branch's of product's, we send you the best conditions we can offer for your business and we follow to send you information about new items and special price's we offer sometime to retailers; please write us if you like more to be contacted by fax, e-mail, mail, for a easy work, pls. Discharge the INTRRF form cliking here, and send us back, filled, by e-mail or fax as you like much more.

Collectors and modelers who're interested on buy directly from us, certainly doo that, following the easy steps that be finded on the international private customer page that you reach cliking here left up or just here INTP

All you, must see that our site was mainly make with pricelist to be discharged or just see on line, this it's due with the purpose to give you a most easy to charge website, and, frankly speeking, to have our site ready sooner.

We know that images have his own importance, so, we're working to have all our items images in file, looking our pricelist you must imagine that are not a easy work, we think to have a good % of images ready for November, you're welcomed to ask us a e-mail about the items who are interesting for you, we try to send you the images soon, for the mutual satisfaction.

The only photo (pic's) now available are the one's you reach clinking the underlined items codes.

Pls ask us at maximum for 10 images each time, and, before to receive them, do not send other requests.

We work with many and very different Manufactures, from big plastic Firm to small garage kit producer, so, we've some difficulty to have all images in same time and same size.

Hoping you follow to enjoy our website, we remain avalables to all reasonable requests  - thank you for read this page.

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